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A Murder Charge Withdrawn & Downgraded To Manslaughter.

Abbas & Co. Lawyers appeared at the Supreme Court in Sydney instructing Queens Counsel Mr Greg James in November 2021, before His Honour Justice Hamill. Originally charged with Murder, we successfully had the Charge withdrawn & downgraded to Manslaughter. Our client pleaded guilty to Manslaughter prior to Committal to the Supreme Court after extensive investigations into our client’s mental health & family history and subpoenaed documents from Justice Health and hospital records containing a vast record of Mr Hong’s deteriorating mental health and substantial impairment during the index offence, this was further supported by his psychiatric assessment by a leading expert, Dr Stephen Allnutt. The material was powerful.

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In sentencing, His Honour found the material highly relevant in exercising a degree of leniency in sentencing our client as well as reducing his moral culpability and making a finding of special circumstances. It was a difficult case that involved a high level of negotiation with the DPP and preparation for sentencing. Our client was sentenced to a total sentence of 6 years with a Non-Parole period of 2 years and 6 months. He had served close to 2 years at the time of sentencing and was eligible for parole in 6 months. An exceptional result.

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School teacher is jailed to a lenient sentence charged with multiple counts of sexual assault involving student.

Abbas & Co. Lawyers appeared at the District Court in Sydney instructing high profile Senior Counsel Ms Margaret Cunneen on July 07 2021, before Her Honour Judge Traill.

Our client entered into negotiations on the day of the Trial after the Crown…

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