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Woman escaping relationship with Yusuf Nazlioglu became ‘drug warehouser’

A woman linked to Yusuf Nazlioglu, acquitted of Comanchero boss Mick Hawi’s murder, became a ‘drug warehouser’ to escape the violent relationship, a court heard.

A Sydney woman linked to a bikie who was acquitted of murdering Comanchero boss Mick Hawi has avoided jail time after being arrested when authorities raided a drug house she had taken refuge in.

Police were investigating the large-scale supply of cocaine and ice when tactical officers bashed in the front door of Monique Nazlioglu’s Bankstown apartment in 2019 and seized almost two kilograms of drugs and more than $124,000 in cash.

The 34-year-old was previously linked to Lone Wolf bikie Yusuf Nazlioglu, who was found not guilty by a jury last year of gunning down Hawi outside a Rockdale gym in 2018.

Monique Nazlioglu had nothing to do with Hawi’s killing.

Downing Centre District Court was told on Thursday Nazlioglu left an abusive relationship when she leased the apartment from an unnamed drug dealer and effectively acted as a warehouse person for them.

Mick Hawi, who was shot dead outside his gym.

Judge Helen Syme said she thought Nazlioglu was exploited by the drug dealer, who had given her a place to stay but had also put her in a vulnerable position given the property was used to stash significant quantities of drugs.

“There’s evidence, which I accept, that at that place at that time this offender had a need to escape a very violent domestic relationship,” the judge said.

“She received from (the drug dealer what) she viewed as a place of safety.

“It’s accepted that this is partially true, although it must also be observed that at that time the offender did not see a great deal wrong in placing herself in the middle of a significant drug supply operation.

Solicitor Fadi Abbas with Nazlioglu outside court. Picture: Bianca de Marchi

“The refuge she was offered … is frequently offered by drug suppliers to vulnerable members of the community (who are used) as a front, as I find this vulnerable young woman was.” Prosecutors accepted Nazlioglu had possession of the drugs and cash in the apartment but did not have any control over them in her role as a warehouse person.

The court was told she had abused drugs since she was 14 and had also been diagnosed with a form of post-traumatic stress disorder following her relationship breakdown.

Nazlioglu, who was represented by barristers Greg James SC and Matthew Breeze along with solicitor Fadi Abbas, pleaded guilty to supplying a large commercial quantity of ice and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Yusuf Nazlioglu is arrested in relation to the murder of Mick Hawi. He was later acquitted. Picture: Gordon McComiskie

Ms Syme sentenced Nazlioglu to an intensive correction order for one year and nine months after she took into account eight months she had already spent in custody on remand after her arrest.

Nazlioglu must also complete 200 hours of unpaid community work.

She took a deep breath and clutched her hands before smiling at supporters when her sentence was handed down.
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